Never Have I Ever: The Classic Drinking Game with Modern Appeal

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How to Play the Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever is a classic party game, typically played with two or more players and alcoholic beverages. It is very simple to learn and offers a great way to connect with friends, family, and newfound acquaintances in a fun and carefree atmosphere.

Preparing to Play

To start, each player must decide if they wish to participate in the game with alcohol or without. If you choose the former, it is recommended each player pours their own drink and remain seated in a circle. If some participants are under the legal drinking age it is perfectly acceptable to play without alcohol, and often the game is just as much fun.

The Rules

Each player takes a turn making a statement beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever” and finishing the sentence with an experience drinking related or not. Players who have done this experience should take a sip of their drink. This continues until one person is left with a full drink and has been deemed the winner.

Examples of Never Have I Ever Sentences
  • Never have I ever lied to my parents.
  • Never have I ever been bitten by an animal.
  • Never have I ever dyed my hair pink.
  • Never have I ever gone a week without showering.
  • Never have I ever been skydiving.

For a full introduction to the game and more examples, please refer to the following resources:

Never Have I Ever Game


Never Have I Ever is a popular party game that has been played for generations. It is a great way to find out interesting or embarrassing stories about people. The game is easy to play and doesn’t require any special supplies. All you need are friends and some creativity!

How to Play

To play Never Have I Ever, each player places their hand out in front of them with all their fingers and thumbs extended. Players take turns saying “Never Have I Ever…” followed by something they have not done before. All the other players respond by saying “I have” if they have done the thing. Those who answer “I have” must lower a finger. The player with the most fingers down at the end of the game has won and can choose a suitable reward.

Examples for Playing the Game

Never Have I Ever…

• Been bungee jumping
• Seen & met a celebrity
• Written a book
• Gotten lost in a foreign country


If you want to mix it up, you can add in some variations. Try saying “Raise your hand if…” then provide a statement instead. Everyone who has done that thing puts a hand up instead of a finger down. You can also play with two teams if you have large groups of people playing.

Never Have I Ever Resources
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Never Have I Ever Game: An Awesome Group Activity

What is the Never Have I Ever Game?

The Never Have I Ever game is a game played in a group setting that consists of making statements about experiences or habits that others may or may not have. The people in the group who have done what you said “have” while the others “have not.” It is a great way to get to know a group of people more intimately and reveal some common ground.

Rules of the Game

The game is fairly simple. One person makes a statement beginning with “Never have I ever…” that they themselves have not done. Anyone else in the group who has done the specified thing can put up a hand. The person who made the statement will put up their hand to show that they have not done it.

Examples of Statements

There are so many different types of statements you can make. Here are some Never Have I Ever statements examples:

  • Never have I ever sung in public
  • Never have I ever been to a musical festival
  • Never have I ever attended a foreign country
  • Never have I ever read the entire Harry Potter series
  • Never have I ever eaten something really weird
Game Variations

You can also mix up the game and make variations. Here are a few different ways to play Never Have I Ever:

  • In the Case of Silence: When nobody holds up their hand, the person making the statement can drink/ do a dare.
  • Answer with Elaboration: Players can share stories or anecdotes after someone holds up their hand.
  • Truth or Dare: Someone that has held up their hand can be asked to perform a dare or share something truthful.

The Never Have I Ever game is a fun game to get to know your friends or new people better. With its endless variations, the game also makes for a fantastic get-together idea for anyone looking to add some excitement to their group!


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Never Have I Ever


Never have I ever, sometimes known as Ten Fingers, is a game which can be used to earn an insight into the lives of other people. By guessing who has done certain things, the game can be used to share stories, create conversations, and better understand more about one another.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are quite simple – every participant puts either one, two, or three of their fingers down on the table or in the air. Then, one person will say ‘never have I ever’ followed by something which can have varied levels of personal experience. Anybody who has done the task must take one finger away. And those left with all, or no, fingers left are deemed the ‘winners’.

Objective of the Game

The game’s primary objective is to gain an understanding into different people’s lives, and their experiences. It can be used to bring together people from various backgrounds, opening up discussion, candour and storytelling. Of course, as with all good conversation starters, it can also be used to bring laughter and fun to the table.

Common Examples of ‘Never Have I Ever’ Sentences

  • Gone abroad for more than a week alone
  • Put on lipstick
  • Eaten something wild
  • Cried at a movie
  • Gone fishing
  • Been in the newspaper
  • Met a celebrity
  • Been in an airplane
  • Played paintball
  • Skied

When Is the Best Time to Play this Game?

The best time to play this game can be at any event where laughter and conversation is encouraged. It functions best when played among good friends or family, as it is often the case of finding out something funny or unexpected about those you know best.

Advice to Ensure Fun and Respect

It is essential to consider that the game should only be played in an environment which is conducive to lighthearted, and respectful, conversations. Everyone should be made to feel comfortable when taking part, and personal boundaries should be respected – therefore it is likely people will advocate against using questions that could be seen as too personal.


h1- Never Have I Ever Game

. h2 – A Fun Game Of Truth Or Dare

. h3 – Understanding The Rules Of The Game

. h4 – Things To Consider Before Playing

. h5 – Variations To Make The Game More Interesting

. h6 – Resources

Never Have I Ever Game is a classic game that many people play at parties mostly during adulthood. It is a game of truth or dare with a fun twist. The game of Never Have I Ever consists of participants making confessions about any experiences or actions they have or have not done yet.

Understanding the Rules of the Game

The objective of the game is quite simple. Every participant must take turns to share something they have never experienced or done. A player starts by sharing something that they have never done or experienced before. All the other players must agree to have done the same thing. Any players who have experience the same thing or have done it have to take a drink.

Things to Consider Before Playing

Before playing, it’s important to establish the type of questions and statements that are appropriate for the game. It’s also important to decide if the game will be appropriate depending on the age group of the players.

Variations to Make the Game More Interesting

To make the game more interesting, the traditional rule of drinking can be replaced with performing a certain task that has been assigned to a player who admitted to having done something. This can be used as an opportunity to make the game more entertaining and hilarious. You can even find Never Have I Ever cards which contain funny and embarrassing questions and statements that are suitable for the type of atmosphere you are trying to create.



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